Kimberly Kamara

Meet Kimberly Kamara! Kimberly represents Philadelphia, PA and is the Founder of Never Ending E-Motions. Never Ending E-Motions provides online grief support when one is dealing with loss of a loved one or friend. Her organization also focuses on young men trying to reform from gang life and conform to the rules of society, as well assists with employment, job seeking skills, and employment essentials.

So what has inspired Kimberly to create her organization? On July 4, 2017 her son was shot and ultimately scrummed to his injuries on July 5, 2017. The great loss of her son not only sparked the creation of her organization, but it also allowed her to write the children’s book Where’s My Daddy? – Which launched June 2019 and was written to build healthy dialogue for children who have lost a parent or loved one.

Her journey is not only amazing, but definitely an inspiring one. So what keeps Kimberly going? Kimberly says that the business advice to continuously push herself – no matter what has kept her grounded. Kimberly’s journey doesn’t just stop at her organization and current book, as she is currently working on a new book project! Kimberly says that she is proud to help others heal and encourages emerging entrepreneurs to work for what they want!

Want to support Kimberly? You can show your support by purchasing her products, spreading the word, and inviting me on podcasts, or events, and media.
Make sure you keep up with Kimberly and her future endeavors by following her on social media at:

Instagram: _Kamara50

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