Monoshia Dixon

Meet Monoshia Dixon from Bayport, New York! Monoshia is the CEO & Founder of Anassa LLC.  Anassa LLC provides home accessories for those interested in adding décor to their spaces, as well as multi-family housing divisions in multiple states. Monoshia tells us that since starting in 2019 in Temecula, her company has acquired properties inContinue reading “Monoshia Dixon”

Mo Mckenzie Styles

Meet Mo McKenzie! She represents Trenton, NJ, and is a Fashion Designer, Wardrobe Stylist, and Owner of Mo McKenzie Styles LLC.   Mo McKenzie Styles offers fashionable head wraps & masks for women and men, makeup, accessories, and fashion consultations. Fashion has always been Mo’s passion and is the driving force behind all that she does. Continue reading “Mo Mckenzie Styles”

Tiffany S Walker

Meet Tiffany S Walker, Tiffany S Walker represents Shreveport, LA, and is a Fashion Designer and Owner of the fashion lines Pink Lucy & Lucy Luxxe. Fashion has always been Tiffany’s calling and destiny – and since the age of 13 knew she was going to be a designer. “I had a love for fashion andContinue reading “Tiffany S Walker”

Felicia Baxley

Meet Felicia Baxley! Felicia Baxley is from Milledgeville, GA, and is the CEO of Hustle Write Publication LLC.  Known for publishing non-fiction, fiction, and children’s books.It offers publishing and writing services for women who have the desire to share their stories, struggles, and testimony through a book, as well as generate multiple streams of incomeContinue reading “Felicia Baxley”

Robert L Horton

Meet Robert L Horton! Robert represents Springfield, IL, and is a Poet and Author.  As a Poet, Robert L Horton does rhymed poetry and spoken word – with the topics varying from everyday highs and lows of life, spiritual, family, issues of the soul, inspiration, and the celebration and remembrance of others. As an author,Continue reading “Robert L Horton”

Rishera Graham

Meet Rishera Graham! Rishera Graham represents Bridgeport, Connecticut, and is a Life Coach and Author of the two books – Worth More Than Rubies: 31 Affirmation Journal & I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness to Dominating Life. Rishera Graham tells us that writing her books was not only a way to share her story but toContinue reading “Rishera Graham”

Kimberly Kamara

Meet Kimberly Kamara! Kimberly Kamara represents Philadelphia, PA, and is the Founder of Never-Ending E-Motions. Never Ending E-Motions provides online grief support when one is dealing with the loss of a loved one or friend. Her organization also focuses on young men trying to reform from gang life and conform to the rules of society,Continue reading “Kimberly Kamara”

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