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The Boss Experience also offers various services, to assist with your next project, announcement, or event. Let us help you level up! Check out our current in-app services.

Banner Services: Your banner is placed at the top of the home screen, with a scrolling feature. All banners are valid in app for 30 days.

Event Advertising: Your event is added to our event calendar and Boss Buzz section.  This service provides a promo code option and ability to sell tickets through the app. Virtual & Live events accepted. Includes 7 push notifications and 1 social media announcement.

Product Launch: Your launch is placed in our Boss Buzz section & includes a special offer option for your new product or service. Includes 5 push notifications & 1 social media announcement.

In-app Spotlight: Introduce your business & offered products and services to our app users. Is placed in our Boss Buzz section, includes 3 push notifications, and 1 social media announcement.

In-Content: Your content is placed in the Boss Entertainment section. Applies to music, movie, show, and entertainment submission. Includes 2 push notifications & 1 social media announcement.

Push Notification: Make an announcement about your offered products and services. 1 push notification only.

Boss Partnership: Our Boss Partnership is featured in our “Boss Spot” section and is where users can access various resources and information that can be beneficial to their business or organization. With our all-inclusive app, our partners have unlimited opportunities to market, network, and connect their business with app users.  As a partner, you have unlimited posts, announcements, product launches, content submissions, and push notifications in the app. Our partnership is perfect for streamlining your customers and content on a platform to call your own.

In-Kind Boss Partnership: Our In-Kind Boss Partnership is for non-profit organizations, PR companies, giveaways, contests, and guest post contributions. If you are interested in this partnership, please contact us directly. (restrictions apply)

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