Monoshia Dixon

Meet Monoshia Dixon from Bayport, New York! Monoshia is the CEO & Founder of Anassa LLC.  Anassa LLC provides home accessories for those interested in adding décor to their spaces, as well as multi-family housing divisions in multiple states. Monoshia tells us that since starting in 2019 in Temecula, her company has acquired properties in New York and Oklahoma.

“The inspiration behind starting my business was the desire to provide housing opportunities to those communities in need. After living in both New York and California, two of the highest populated states in the country, I found that more often I would see people displaced or lack affordable housing options available in those areas.”

For Monoshia, starting her business while on active duty in the Navy in 2019 and witnessing the growth of Anassa LLC in such a short amount of time, exceeded what she could have imagined for the business. Throughout the success of her business, Monoshia says that the best business that has kept her grounded was the quotation by Robert T. Kiyosaki;

“Every person has a weak and needy part of their soul that can be bought, and he knew that every individual also had a part of their soul that was resilient and could never be bought. It was only a question of which one is stronger.”

If you are an emerging entrepreneur, Monoshia has the following advice,

“Don’t be quick to stop at your first no. Keep pressing forward and stay focused on your goal.”

If you’re interested in supporting Monishia and Anassa LLC, visit the website to shop home accessories, liking, following or sharing the Anassa LLC on social media, as well as posting a positive review. Anassa is a small business that is continuing to grow, so any support in these areas are greatly appreciated.

Make sure you keep up with Monoshia and Anassa LLC, as she is currently working on new renovations to her most recent acquired properties. If you are located in the areas provided, Monoshia extends an invitation to visit the official website for updates on progress.

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Mo Mckenzie Styles

Meet Mo McKenzie! She represents Trenton, NJ, and is a Fashion Designer, Wardrobe Stylist, and Owner of Mo McKenzie Styles LLC.  

Mo McKenzie Styles offers fashionable head wraps & masks for women and men, makeup, accessories, and fashion consultations. Fashion has always been Mo’s passion and is the driving force behind all that she does. 

“I’ve always interested in fashion and style. My mother told me that. When I was 5 years old. She bought me jelly shoes and a purse to match and I would never leave the house without it. So fashion is in my blood.”

Mo tells us that she caught her first big break as a Designer with being hire by Comedian and Actress Sommore. And says that it was a chance of many.  Not only that, but Mo has also been featured in Impact Magazine as a top 8 Black Fashion Designer. And has had her masks featured on the Instagram page of Evelyn Lozada from the TV show Basketball Wives. 

“If granted the opportunity to work with my celebrity idols, I would love to work with Rihanna and Beyoncé. I love them both and I am a huge Beyoncé fan.”

Make sure you keep up with Mo as she is currently filming for an Amazon TV series that will air in September 2020.  So, Mo also tells us that she plans to open a storefront and fashion agency, so make sure you subscribe and stay tuned.

“I’m proud of everything with my business and it is an accomplishment within itself. I’ve done so much within the fashion industry and met so many people – that I am proud of everything. Staying humble & dedicated, and constantly researching on how to be better has kept me grounded in my business endeavors.”

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Instagram: @momckenziestyles

Facebook: Mo McKenzie

Twitter: @Mckenzie_styles


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Tiffany S Walker

Meet Tiffany S Walker, Tiffany S Walker represents Shreveport, LA, and is a Fashion Designer and Owner of the fashion lines Pink Lucy & Lucy Luxxe. Fashion has always been Tiffany’s calling and destiny – and since the age of 13 knew she was going to be a designer.

“I had a love for fashion and art since I was a child.  My mother and father both modeled professionally.  My mother was a fit model for a Neiman Marcus and my father was also a very talented artist.”

Pink Lucy & Lucy Luxxe offers fabulous face masks, formal, special occasion, bridal, and a RTW collection for women ages 17-45. Initially, funding and brand recognition were challenges for Tiffany, but that did not stop her from going forward with her fashion line. 

“If granted the opportunity to work with my celebrity idol, it would have to be Beyoncé and Rihanna. They are the epitome of style and exude confidence with undeniable sex appeal.”

Tiffany S Walker caught her first big break as a designer when she received the opportunity to design for Shaunie O’Neal, and the BasketBall Wives castmates at its inception. Not only that, but her designs have been featured at the Essence Fest and worn by over 35 celebrities & influencers – with Meghan Trainor, Shaunie O’Neal, and Kim Fields being the most notable.

“I am very proud of my business, I have been in business for 17 years. My faith and spirituality has kept me grounded through my business endeavors, as it takes a great amount of faith to go after your dreams. My goal is to become a household international brand.”

If you are an aspiring fashion designer, Tiffany S Walker has the following advice,

“Remain consistent, find your design aesthetic, and have the ability to pivot & change as needed. You have to re-invent yourself daily.  Staying stagnant in this industry or any industry doesn’t work. You always have to perfect your craft and improve your business.”

Make sure you keep up with Tiffany S. Walker as she will be having a grand opening for the expansion of her showroom in September 2020.  Soon to come will be the expansion of her product offerings as well as the addition of shoes and handbags.

If you’re interested in purchasing designs, collaborations, or staying socially connected – you can do so via:


Instagram: @Pink_lucy_official


Available Opportunity: Tiffany S Walker is currently looking for interns that have an undying passion for design and fashion.  If you would like to apply please contact 

Felicia Baxley

Meet Felicia Baxley! Felicia Baxley is from Milledgeville, GA, and is the CEO of Hustle Write Publication LLC.  Known for publishing non-fiction, fiction, and children’s books.It offers publishing and writing services for women who have the desire to share their stories, struggles, and testimony through a book, as well as generate multiple streams of income once that book is published.

Initially, Hustle Write Publishing started with Felicia Baxleyindependently offering ghostwriting services. And helping people publish the book that they wrote together.  Since then, those services are available to help authors and aspiring authors have somewhat of a one-stop-shop experience. Even if they aren’t confident in their writing abilities.

“My company itself is a blessing. I never wanted to be a business owner, much less the person who so many people trust with their projects. After publishing my own books and learning that there were a number of people who needed help writing constructing, publishing, and profiting from their book ideas. I created my company to help alleviate those challenges.”

Felicia Baxley tells us that getting outside funding to start her company was a challenge, but the great need for her services and passion has allowed her to maintain her company.  Felicia’s passion for writing not only comes from helping others but comes from herself, as she is an author of four books:

  • The Help Meet: Understanding Your Calling as a Wife.
  • Waiting or Warfare.
  • Ready, Set, BOSS’D UP: 7 Boss Tips for the Aspiring Entrepreneur.
  • Gospel Girl Savage: Her Journey To Genuine Authenticity.

Independent publishing services isn’t Hustle Write Publications LLC only specialty, as they also offer many other services – with book coaching and ghost writing being the most popular. The Book coaching program lasts over a span of six-month and is most popular with Felicia’s clients. 

This program provides a deep focus on a client’s book vision, writing abilities, publishing, as well as how to utilize social media for their books, and a plethora of other things designed to teach and assist authors in building their own empire. The second most popular is ghostwriting. With many people wanting to write a book but lack confidence in their writing skills, I write a client’s book for them from cover to cover. This service however is design for those who want to tell their life story.  

“My company is unique in the fact that the sole focus isn’t on the book. The focus goes beyond writing and publishing the book to include thoughts on how to utilize the book as the key to opportunities it can be once it is published. Because of this, my company is unique because it encourages and teaches authors how to become self-sustaining, and how to increase their income.”

Felicia Baxleyalso offers educational webinars that teach people how to write and self-publish their personal stories, editing services for individuals who just need their manuscript edited, various writing services, and more! Although writing services are offered, you must be a client to receive them. As they are high-priority and quality specifically catered to provide premium services with Felicia’s undivided attention with your projects. 

“Writing and publishing a book has the power to create multiple streams of income when it’s done the right way. Our desire is to teach, assist, and encourage individuals to get their thoughts into tangible products that can be used to leverage multiple streams of income.”

Make sure you keep up with Felicia Baxley and Hustle Write Publications. As she has an upcoming title Gospel Girl Savage: Her Journey To Genuine Authenticity. Which will be the first of her works that she publishes with Hustle Write Publications and is set to release in September 2020.  She will begin to host virtual and physical writing events.

If you’re looking to create your own publishing company, Felicia Baxley has the following advice,

“Research, research, research. Knowing what will make your company different, knowing what you will offer. And knowing what the competition does will be important.  There is always a need for any sort of creative service company. As far as writing from blogs to editing services, the possibilities are endless. Again it is important to research and know exactly what you are going to offer and what benefit your service will be to potential clients. Being consistent is the most important thing for me. Without consistency, I have failed many times over. This advice has kept me grounded through all of my business endeavors.”

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Robert L Horton

Meet Robert L Horton! Robert represents Springfield, IL, and is a Poet and Author.  As a Poet, Robert L Horton does rhymed poetry and spoken word – with the topics varying from everyday highs and lows of life, spiritual, family, issues of the soul, inspiration, and the celebration and remembrance of others. As an author, he writes books to be relatable to everyday people & offer hope and inspiration – with the goal of making a positive impact on his readers.  

His recent book Fame is a poetry book dedicates to his daughter Amaiya and the great city of Chicago.  This book caters to young adults to elders and is inspirational in nature.  However, Fame isn’t Robert’s first book – as he has previously written and published two other titles: Released and Miscellaneous Pieces.

“When I was writing and publishing my first book, I kept vacillating between, are my poems good enough to publish or not. But after I got over my initial fears of believing that my poems were good enough to publish, it boosts my confidence for my second and third books.  When I finally saw my work in print, I became overwhelmed and very emotional.”

 So what inspired his recent book Fame? Robert tells us that it was due to his other two books, as his poems kept piling up.   Robert L Horton says that he first started writing poems in his 20s through part of his 40s, with his work being set to publish into his book Release

Published in 2015, Released is an inspirational book of poetry that spans over 3 decades, and is split into the three sections: Spiritual, Insight for Life, and is Specifically Written for Others.  Robert’s second book Miscellaneous Pieces, published in 2017, is also an inspirational book of poetry and gives readers insight on how he became a poet, which is dedicated to his brother Fred. Not only is Robert L Horton passionate about poetry, but has now turned it into books of meaning for others.  Make sure you keep up with Robert, as he is currently working on a new book called Black Rage. The Universal Revolution with an anticipated release date of 2022!

If you are an aspiring Author, Robert L Horton has the following advice,

”It is a pleasure to be a poet and to have something meaningful to offer people.  Embrace your passion, give it energy, and redeem the time. Believe in yourself and don’t give up.  My brother’s constant encouragement and telling me that I can make it. So, Has kept me grounded in all of my business endeavors.  I’m very thankful!”

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Facebook: Robert L. Horton

Rishera Graham

Meet Rishera Graham! Rishera Graham represents Bridgeport, Connecticut, and is a Life Coach and Author of the two books – Worth More Than Rubies: 31 Affirmation Journal & I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness to Dominating Life.

Rishera Graham tells us that writing her books was not only a way to share her story but to inspire women in the process.

Her book Worth More Than Rubies: 31 Affirmations Journal written to contribute peace, love, happiness, prosperity, and optimism to the reader’s everyday life. The book caters to women who need daily inspiration, and includes some of Rishera’s personal affirmations that has helped her through certain situations in her own life.

Her book Worth More Than Rubies: 31 Affirmations Journal written to contribute peace, love, happiness, prosperity, and optimism to the reader’s everyday life. The book caters to women who need daily inspiration, and includes some of Rishera’s personal affirmations that has helped her through certain situations in her own life.

With the goal to inspire anyone facing homelessness, Rishera’s second book, I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness to Dominating Life, was written to share a journey of a homeless teen, who one day decided that this will not be the outcome of her life. Although the book shared only one part of her story, Rishera wanted readers to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams, and dominate life. Motivation and leaving an impact isn’t the only take away for readers, as Rishera’s wants readers to know that no matter what they go through, they can still overcome it – as she living proof. 

“Being homeless, trying to stay motivated, and motivating my family inspired me to write my book. I wanted people to know that being homeless does not define who a person is, as it is a temporary situation that makes you stronger. I wanted my book to be a reminder that your current situation isn’t your final destination.”

Although Rishera Graham experienced fear with sharing her story, it did not stop her from telling it! Once she overcame her fear and identified her target audience, the sky was the limit.

“When I first saw my work in print, I cried. I was so proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing my story. Once I had copies of my book in my hand, everything became so real!”

Being an author isn’t the only hat that Rishera Graham wears, as she is also a Life Coach. Youth and young women are her ideal clients, with goal setting being her specialty. Rishera Graham offers group coaching, as well as one-on-one coaching – to assist with various learning styles her clients may have. She is passionate about coaching and loves when her clients accomplish their goals.

“When one of my client published her first book. I was so happy for her that I cried.  For me, seeing my client’s happiness truly brings joy to her heart.”

If you are an aspiring Life Coach or Author, Rishera Grahamhas the following advice,

“If you want to be a Life Coach – find an accredited life coaching program so you can get certified. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t qualified to be a life coach!

If you want to be an Author – never give up, don’t be afraid. Your story will inspire others. In everything that you do, never give up! This is my purpose in life and I will inspire others along the way. This advice has kept me grounded in all of my business endeavors.”

Make sure you keep up with Rishera Graham, as she is currently working a new book collaboration with her husband. A virtual book signing, and will soon launch a virtual talk show. If you would like to connect with Rishera Graham for coaching and book purchasing, you can do so via her:



Instagram: @i_amrisheragraham

Facebook: I Am Rishera Graham 

Kimberly Kamara

Meet Kimberly Kamara! Kimberly Kamara represents Philadelphia, PA, and is the Founder of Never-Ending E-Motions. Never Ending E-Motions provides online grief support when one is dealing with the loss of a loved one or friend. Her organization also focuses on young men trying to reform from gang life and conform to the rules of society, as well as assists with employment, job-seeking skills, and employment essentials.

So what has inspired Kimberly to create her organization? Therefore, On July 4, 2017, her son was shot and ultimately scrum to his injuries on July 5, 2017. The great loss of her son not only sparked the creation of her organization, but it also allowed her to write the children’s book Where’s My Daddy? – Which launched June 2019 and was written to build healthy dialogue for children who have lost a parent or loved one.

Therefore, Her journey is not only amazing but definitely an inspiring one. So what keeps Kimberly Kamara going? Kimberly says that the business advice to continuously push herself – no matter what has kept her grounded. Kimberly’s journey doesn’t just stop at her organization and current book, as she is currently working on a new book project! Kimberly says that she is proud to help others heal and encourages emerging entrepreneurs to work for what they want!

So, Want to support Kimberly Kamara? You can show your support by purchasing her products, spreading the word, and inviting me to podcasts, or events, and media.
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